Global case management system (GCMS) is the latest integrated electronic data processing system designed to process applications both inside Canada and abroad for IRCC. GCMS has also reduced the old system of CAIPS and FOSS that were in effect prior to 2010.

The type of information tracked by the GCMS includes:-

  • First name
  • Family name
  • Date of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Address information
  • Education
  • Travel history
  • Medical history
  • Criminality

Every time an applicant requests notes of his or her file, a request is generated in ATIP system. This request is manually processed by IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada). In other words, an IRCC employee will take your request and prepare a snapshot from the visa file. This snapshot will reflect all of the data entered into the system including officers’ notes, concerns, further steps etc. If a case has already been closed, GCMS/CAIPS notes would give you information on its processing from the beginning to the end.


How Much Does It Cost To Get My CAIPS File?

$112 CAD for Electronic Notes or Physical Notes.

$224 CAD for Notes + Consultation with our Lawyer.


Which CIC visa offices can you get CAIPS files for?


We can access CAIPS and GCMS files for all visa offices around the world, including New Delhi, London and Canadian offices such as Ottawa. All file requests are processed through a CIC department in Ottawa, Canada, not through the local visa office, so processing times are dependent on workloads at that department.


How Long Does it Take to Obtain My CAIPS File?


Processing times vary depending on the workload at the CIC office in Ottawa that deals with CAIPS requests. By law they have up to 30 working days to respond, but in practice most files come back in about 5-6 weeks at present.


I Don’t Have a File Number – Can I Get My File?


File requests are usually possible with just your full name, the name of the visa office dealing with your application, and your date of birth. If you do not have a file number because the visa office did not provide it to you, then we can still obtain your CAIPS file. However, if you do not have a file number because the visa office has not yet created your electronic file, we will not be able to obtain your file.

We have obtained numerous files without file numbers, and are happy to try to obtain your file without a file number, but we obviously cannot guarantee success under these circumstances, as it may be that CIC have not yet created a file for you in their computer systems.

Can I Obtain My CAIPS Notes Myself?


Under most circumstances, you will be unable to request your CAIPS file yourself. The Canadian law that allows access to immigration files restricts who has access to this information – you must be a Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizen or other person in Canada.


Benefits of applying for your ATIP notes:

Preparing for Canada Visa Interview


If CIC calls an applicant for an interview, there is usually a specific concern, issue or ambiguity in the immigration application that the visa officer wants to address. These concerns will be detailed in the visa officers notes within the client’s CAIPS or GCMS file.

Many Canada visa applicants who are called for interview obtain their CAIPS file as part of their preparation for the interview.


Checking Your Application Status


If you feel that there has been an unusually long time since you last heard from the visa office, you might want to get your CAIPS or GCMS file to understand what the current status of your application is.