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The interest to sponsor form 2019 is closed right now

The first step to sponsor your parents or grandparents is filling out the interest to sponsor form.

We’ve already received enough interest to sponsor forms. The form is closed for now.

The Interest to sponsor form was available from this page for a limited time on January 28, 2019.


Sponsorship of parents and grandparents to Canada- (PGP)

The Canadian government allows citizens and permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their parents and grandparents, but it requires that arriving immigrants receive care and support from their sponsors.

In order to sponsor, you must…

  • be 18 years of age or older;

  • be a Canadian citizen, Registered Indian or permanent resident;

  • be sponsoring a member of the family Class;

  • live in Canada;

  • sign an undertaking promising to provide for the basic requirements of the person being sponsored;

  • sign an agreement with the person you are sponsoring that confirms that each of you understands your mutual obligations and responsibilities;

  • prove that you have sufficient income to provide the basic requirements for your family members in Canada as well as the persons included in your sponsorship undertaking. You may also have a co-signer.

You may NOT sponsor if you…

  • are in receipt of social assistance for a reason other than disability,

  • are in default of an undertaking, an immigration loan, a performance bond, or family support payments,

  • are an undischarged bankrupt,

  • were convicted of an offence of a sexual nature, a violent criminal offence, an offence against a relative that results in bodily harm or an attempt or threat to commit any such offences—depending on circumstances such as the nature of the offence, how long ago it occurred and whether a pardon was issued

  • are under a removal order,

  • are detained in a penitentiary, jail, reformatory or prison,

How much income do I need to sponsor my parents and grandparents?

You, the sponsor (and your co-signer, if applicable) must prove that you have enough income to support all the persons you’ll be financially responsible for, including yourself, once you become a sponsor.

If you’re invited to apply, you’ll have to provide proof that you meet the income requirements for each of the 3 taxation years right before the date of your application.

The following table applies to residents of all provinces except Quebec. If you live in Quebec, the Quebec ministry in charge of immigration will assess your income.

Total number of persons you would be responsible for Minimum income required for the 3 taxation years right before the date of your application
2018 2017 2016 2015
2 persons $40,379 $39,813 $39,372 $38,618
3 persons $49,641 $48,945 $48,404 $47,476
4 persons $60,271 $59,426 $58,768 $57,642
5 persons $68,358 $67,400 $66,654 $65,377
6 persons $77,095 $76,015 $75,174 $73,733
7 persons $85,835 $84,631 $83,695 $82,091
If more than 7 persons, for each additional person, add: $8,740 $8,616 $8,521 $8,358


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Source: Government of Canada Website